fiction, poetry and musings

by Laogeodritt

Ghosts of the Woods

Laura inherits her childhood home. As she tries to clean it up, she finds the place haunted by the ghosts of her past.

Hi, Mister Bus

On her way from an audition, Laura meets an old friend. A lot has changed for her since the last time they spoke.

call it in

a birthday party. the house is silent.

A Christmas Fire

[Life is Strange] Christmas Eve at the Caulfield residence: a rough evening for both the girls, with an informal wake in Arcadia Bay serving as a difficult reminder of the October storm. Chloe, unable to sleep, goes down to the living room to clear her mind. / A simple, contemplative one-shot, meant as an exercise to ease into writing LiS and finding their voices.


A single father is at his wit’s end.

A Scent

I never knew a scent’s command
Upon the reels of memory

Rising Sun

Alive to see the sun arise — you are so lucky.