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A single father is at his wit’s end.

Ghosts of the Woods

Laura inherits her childhood home. As she tries to clean it up, she finds the place haunted by the ghosts of her past.

Series: Hansaiverse

A collection of standalone short stories that take place in Hansaiverse, an historical fantasy world inspired by early Imperial China and later premodern Japan.

Hi, Mister Bus

On her way from an audition, Laura meets an old friend. A lot has changed for her since the last time they spoke.

The flames danced in the breeze

A daughter of the village has passed away. Presiding over the funerary vigil, the village matron reflects upon her death.

Series: Vow upon my clarinet

Laura and Sarah had made a vow upon their clarinets that, someday, they would share a stage together — but when Sarah passes away, Laura finds herself lost amid their shattered plans for their future.

What Does It Matter?

Having just received the news of Sarah’s death, Laura prepares to return home. As she waits at the bus stop, her thoughts scatter into the storm.