Hi, Mister Bus.

It’s nice to see you again, I guess.

The audition, you mean? I … I messed up, Mister Bus. Really badly.

No, you helped a lot! I don’t know — I just — I fucking flubbed my first piece. My favourite piece! I’ve been playing it for years. I’m — I’m not getting in.

I let her down, Mister Bus. I could feel her right there in the hall, and I blew it! After all that practice, after we swore that — that we’d —

Fuck. FUCK!

Sorry. I know, I know, there’re other people here. You can stop grumbling at me.

Hey. Mister Bus.

Remember when we met? It was the first time our parents let us go downtown alone. We went to see Bridge to Terabithia — such a sad movie!

It was super weird when you started talking. And scary! All the rumbling and screeching. But you turned out to be a cool guy. I’m … we’re both really glad we’re friends.

Yeah, squeal, you big ol’ lug! You’re such a softie.

Remember when we signed each other’s corks? You braked and she almost dropped my clarinet on the floor! You can still see it, right here. Sarah heart Laura 4ever. I don’t know if she was just being a teenager or if she already — if she’d figured out —

God …

G-God damn it — Sarah, why’d… fuck …

Thanks, Mister Bus. I — I appreciate the air.

Remember when she got the call? Right before the wedding. She got in! She was so giddy — she was glowing! It was amazing. That’s when we made that promise, remember? We promised we’d be up on that stage together someday, two orchestra-mates sharing a stand.

Now she’s gone.

She’s gone and I fucking blew it!

Hey, so …

I’m thinking of going away. I can’t be here anymore.

I’m sorry, Mister Bus.