Welcome to Arenthil! This is a place for me to tell stories, to engage in my own introspection and soul-searching, and to explore the wider human condition in its joys, its sorrows, its mysteries — across cultures, continents, or even in worlds beyond (but not entirely unlike) our own.

Arenthil is a collection of my creative work: calligraphy, poetry, fiction, worldbuilding, musical compositions and musings on the craft and art of writing.

About the Author

Laura Chan (they/she), a.k.a. Laogeodritt, is an electronics designer by day and a distractible arts kid by night. Laura’s poetry is focused on lyrical personal explorations; in fiction, they favour emotionally impactful, character-centric stories about women, queer folk and otherwise those disenfranchised or forgotten to history. They are inspired by authors like Guy Gavriel KAY, Neil GAIMAN, and Ichiyō HIGUCHI.

Laura has practiced traditional Western broad-nib calligraphy since 2014. They also practise Japanese calligraphy and have recently taken up watercolour painting and ink-wash painting.

Laura is also a passionate musician: a classically trained cellist, multi-instrumentalist, improviser and amateur composer, they focus on one hand on Baroque, late Romantic and early 20th-century music, and on the other take a particular interest in contemporary composers of LGBTQIA2S+ and East Asian diasporic identities.

When not engaging in engineering and art, Laura enjoys studying social and cultural history, especially of mediaeval Europe, various periods of Japan, and Tāng China. They currently lives with their ten thousand books, four hours of sleep, one cello and zero cats (alas) in Montréal | Tiohtià:ke, Québec, Canada.

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