The rain is coming
The rain is coming

I see the concrete darken
and glisten
I feel a gentle breeze
cool my skin
I smell that grassy smell
which heralds rain
I hear a pitter-patter
(I hear a pitter-patter

The rain is come
(The rain is come)

It’s dark, why is it so dark?
My umbrella is buried deep.
I can’t find it.

I hear the whistling whispers
in the trees
I see the leaves that sway
and fidget
I smell that pungent smell
of Thor enraged
I feel the breeze hit stiff
against my skin
Shifting north
(Shifting north)

A storm is coming
A storm is coming

Darker. The sky darkens yet.
My kingdom for an umbrella!
I can’t find it.

I hear the rising drone
of falling rain
I feel balloons of water
thump my arms
I see low-lying mist
of splattered raindrops
I breathe the humid air
which drowns

And the sky alights
And the rain, rain pours
And the sky is dark
And the heavens roar

The storm is come
The storm is come
The storm is come
The storm
is come