They say history is written by the Video Strike Team — and they’re very good at it! But they’re not recording words. Like, in writing. Y’know, the way humanity first learnt to record History™; the way it ought to be recorded! So I’m here to fix that.

Words of Desert Bus 2022 is a collection of 20 calligraphy pieces and watercolour paintings created during the Desert Bus 2022 run, capturing memorable moments we’ve all since forgotten (“I don’t form memories during Desert Bus,” Cam, p. 23). Also included are 4 new pieces, a Shift Banner title page painting, and an Omega Shift front cover painting. The pieces are carefully laid out with colourful mattes and calligraphic captions in this 26-page book.

The original works are mounted using acid-free, archival materials and reversible techniques. They can be removed from the book individually for framing or alternative mounting.

The crafter accepts no responsibility for ghost-related shenanigans resulting from possession of this book.

Care information: Store flat or upright. Avoid exposure to water, humidity, acids, chemicals or direct sunlight. Handle with care: works are loosely mounted.