The Sun's Cycle

To Mum—
Although your luck ran out
Your memory lives on
Eternal in the rising sun

Alive to see the sun
Ariseyou are so lucky

Alive to feel the wind
Whisk byto home anew

Alive to feel the sun
Bear downyou’re fine, all fine

Alive to feel a breeze
Blowingwhy does it choke you?

Alive to feel the heat
Take holdbreathe slow, breathe deep

Alive to feel alive
No morelie down, fall down

Alive to see the sun
Fade awayand say goodbye

Alive, awake, are you
Alert?green blurs, tense calls

It’s cold, you’re cold, are you
Dead?a beep, a beep

Awake, alert, are you
Alive?you’re fine, all fine

Breathe slow, breathe deep, and feel
The warmththe sun ascends

Alive to see the sun
Ariseyou are so lucky


© 2012 Marc-​​Alexandre Chan. Some rights reserved; see the License info section.
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 Unported License
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I'll Give Up Everything

by Marc-​​Alexandre Chan

Warning: Mild Blood and Gore.

Sara! I love you!”

The shock from those words almost made me lose my grip.

Was he trying to trick me into lowering my guard? Of course! He was my enemy, and we were duelling to the death. Why would he say such a thing except to distract me? Yet knowing that, I hesitated, bow drawn, an arrow still aimed at the pathetic bow. And he didn’t move a muscle.

You…” I meant to sound contemptuous, but what came out of my mouth sounded nothing like it. “You’re my enemy…” My voice was faltering. Why? He was just another one of their useless spies… He was my enemy, damn it!

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League of Legends: A Jungle Minefield

by Marc-​​Alexandre Chan

Updated on 4 October 2010.

Oh dear. The first story I post to this website is fanfiction… I never would’ve expected that.

I’ve been playing a lot of League of Legends with the MyLifeIsNerdy community and decided to write this on a whim. This is the result: a mostly whimsical, yet slightly gory, tale of one Champion’s plot saving his team from utter annihilation. I assembled a team of the most annoying characters we’ve had to play against and pitted them against our team.

The characters and story are based on our personalities and experiences in-​​game. However, I did not intend for the characters’ personalities to be exactly that of the people involved; I moulded them to fit the Champion and the story’s events. For you MLINers reading, please don’t take offence at your Champion’s portrayal here. =P

If you haven’t played League of Legends, I added a few notes at the end so that you can follow the story.

Warning: Fantasy Violence and some Blood and Gore. PG-​​13 suggested.

Nidalee dove into a bush off the main path and transformed into human form. She knelt, peering out towards the battle.

Damn it!” she thought. “Not good!” All five of the opposing Champions were out in the lane fighting them, and they were beating her team to a pulp. Between the rat’s stealth and poison, their stuns, their insane burst damage, and Vladimir, well, being the pain in the ass he usually was, they were getting completely crushed out there. Nidalee only barely managed to make it out alive.

She tried to stand up, but as soon as she began moving, an excruciating pain tore through her chest and spread throughout her body. She collapsed to the ground, writhing.

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