Welcome to the Realms of Arenthil!

Hey, there! It seems you’ve stumbled onto the Realms of Arenthil.

I’m Marc-​​Alexandre (a.k.a. Laogeodritt). I’m a writer, musician, composer, programmer, electrical engineering student and scientist at heart… among a few other interests and hobbies. This website is a showcase of my artwork and projects. In particular, it’s a collection of my short stories and other works of fiction, as well as poetry, lyrics and musical composition. The scientist/​engineer in me will probably end up doing a few programming and electronic design projects that’ll end up here, too.

For more about me and this website, please see the About Me page. This site’s pretty new, and there are still a lot of little (and big!) customizations I haven’t gotten to making yet… like picking or designing a custom layout.

One of the reasons I created this site was to entertain and inspire people through my writing, music and other art. I hope you enjoy my work! Please leave a comment on anything you like — or don’t like, for that matter. Constructive criticism is really appreciated, too — after all, I’m always striving to improve!

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