Hey! I’m Marc-​​Alexandre, also known as Laogeodritt. It seems you’ve stumbled into the Realms of Arenthil. This website is a portfolio of my projects: short stories and other works of fiction, poetry, lyrics and musical compositions, graphic design work; electronics projects, software development, or anything else I might do.

One of the major reasons I made this website is to move and entertain people. It’s not about fame or money (not that a poor little Uni student like me wouldn’t appreciate the latter!) — what motivates me to create is a passion for the arts I exercise and the knowledge that others extract some amount of enjoyment from my work. I also enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge, whether on the technique aspect of the arts or in my more technical hobbies.

This website is fairly dead for now — University studies (especially in grad school!) have left me a lot less time to design the site and post content. Someday, I’ll get back to both this website and the arts! ;~;

About me

I’m a Chinese-​​Canadian student living in Montréal, Québec, Canada, where I am studying electrical engineering at Concordia University.

My interests and hobbies are very broad. On the technical side, I love software development, embedded systems development and electronic circuits — both as a hobbyist and professionally. I also have interest in physics, other aspects of engineering, biomedical engineering and devices, and pure mathematics — not to say other STEM fields don’t interest me!

On the art side, I love writing stories and poetry, playing and composing music, and occasionally dabbling in graphic design. As a writer, I enjoy exploring themes of the human condition, human relationships, psychology and emotion, through scenarios borne of fantasy or historical-​​fantasy settings. On the music side, I primarily play the cello and flute, and enjoy music from the Romantic and Impressionist eras going into serialism, along with video-​​game music, film score, and progressive rock/​metal.